ThetaHealing® Teacher Seminars

All ThetaHealing Instructor Certification seminars are taught exclusively by Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing. Instructor certification seminars are scheduled across the world each year. To find out when the next Instructors seminars are, view Vianna's Schedule.


After completion of Basic DNA and Advanced DNA practitioner seminars, a ThetaHealing Practitioner becomes eligible to train as an Instructor of the Basic DNA and Advanced DNA. To qualify to attend any further Instructor training seminars, you must first have attended the appropriate Practitioner's seminar.


Instructor Commitments:
Instructor Certification lasts for 4 years. To continue to teach after this time, re-certification occurs by attending the appropriate Instructors Training seminar either as an assistant or as a seminar participant. There are no license fees or financial obligations to the THInK Institute or any other organization for teaching any of the seminars.

How to apply to be a Teachers Assistant


* There is no requirement to have attended the Rainbow Childrens seminar modules (if you have completed Basic and Advanced DNA) prior to becoming a Rainbow Childrens Instructor.


The ThetaHealing® Instructor Seminars are listed below:


Type Seminar Title Description Duration
Basic DNA Instructors The best way to learn is to teach. This seminar is the first step in teaching ThetaHealing and changing lives... 4 days
Advanced DNA Instructors Guide your students cosmic awareness into the Planes of Existence. 3 days
Dig Deeper Instructors Learn to teach the 8 ways of digging. 2 days
Animal Seminar Instructors Empower your students with the transcendent knowledge if interacting with the animal kingdom. 1 day
Disease and Disorder Instructors Submerse your students into the inner workings and complexity of illness in the body... 5 days
DNA 3 Instructors Show your students the pathway to attaining vibrational connection with the 7th Plane... 5 days
Growing Your Relationship Part 1 Instructors New Seminar 2 days
Growing Your Relationships 2 Instructors 2 days
You and Your Inner Circle Instructors 2 Days
You and the Earth Instructors 2 Days
Intuitive Anatomy Instructors Empower others by unearthing the secrets of the body. 3 weeks
Manifesting and Abundance Instructors Teach your students how to make their manifestations possible...
Planes of Existence Instructors Journey through the 7 Planes of Existence to become an Instructor. 5 days
Plant Seminar Instructors Learn to teach understanding and awareness of Plants 1 Day
Rainbow Children Instructors Develop the inherit intuition of our next generation... 5 days
RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Instructors Guide others to discover their unique rhythm to attain health and happiness... 1/2 day
Soul Mate Instructors Heighten your students vibration to attract their cosmic companion 1 day
World Relations Instructors Take the leap to empower the future by learning to teach students to build a bridge from the past... 5 days
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